Sunglasses: More than Just an Excellent Fashion Accessory

Sunglasses: More Than Just a Fashion Accessory - HealthTeam Advantage

Recommended by professionals everywhere, sold in shops and malls around the world, and with more celebrity names than a book of Hollywood newborn baby names, good sunglasses are an essential part of people’s look. Wherever people live, their shades signify an active preparedness or adventurous spirit to take on the world and absolute coolness. But did individuals know that these things are more than just a lady fashion accessory?

Sunlight stopper

People are on the beach; naturally, they need to make some preparations before they hop in. They slather on their bodies with sunblock, slip into their bathing suits, and dive into the water. Sometime later, they swim back to shore, rubbing their red eyes and dabbing cream on all the spots they missed.

And lastly, they put their shades back on since the sun is still too bright for their eyeballs, and it stings a little bit. But the wearer’s eyes are not from being in the water for too long but from photokeratitis. It is a word that is a lot scarier when you break it down – eye sunburn.

Check out to know more about photokeratitis.

That is pretty painful. People should have been wearing their shades the whole time because individuals cannot really put lotion or sunscreen on their eyeballs. That is why the next time you go to the beach, pack your sunglasses so that you can use them while swimming in the water, without worrying that they could wash away.

Dangerous rays

If eye sunburn does not sound terrifying enough, there are other reasons why people need to keep their eyes protected from the sun all the time. The sunlight is like a high-powered laser, and anyone living with a cat can tell you that you should not look at them directly. Blindness, cancers, retinal damage, cataracts, and other related illnesses can happen by exposing your eyeballs to the sun’s rays. Not only that, it does not actually need to be a warm, sunny day for this to happen.

Individuals living in cold climates need to wear sunglasses like Tom Ford Glasses to evade getting snow blindness because of light reflecting off of snow directly on people’s eyes. It is like looking directly in the sun through a regular mirror. People should not take the risk. Wear the right eyepieces during the day, even if it is shaded out or cloudy.


Just like the risk of skin cancers and sunburns, individuals do not want to catch Florida’s eyes. It is the phenomenon where people will see other individuals from sunny regions developing leathery facial skins and crow’s feet, even when they are still in their early 20s.

While taking Vitamin D will not hurt individuals, overexposure of the sensitive tissues around the eyes to Ultraviolet rays will cause age-spot discoloration, uncomfortable and painful dryness, as well as wrinkling. A lot of individuals from these areas hold to the story that they can adapt or build up resistance to the sun’s rays, but a closer look into your eyeballs will quickly disprove that.

As a matter of fact, you need to be protecting your eyes from UV rays any time you go out under the sun for more than five minutes. Each exposure can add up incrementally over time, until you look a lot older than your actual age, with permanent and severe skin damage.