Started to Fix This Place Up

It was not an accident that I knew that the job was open, my cousin Frankie was doing HVAC near me and of course he is always going out and drinking too much, then not showing up to work the next day. I figured that it was a matter of before they fired him and when they did I found out almost instantly and walked in there with everything ready. Of course I know a little about that sort of thing and they wanted to get someone there in the hurry. They had themselves a little bit of a bind it seems. They had gotten themselves this enormous contract on a sixteen story building and it had a clause in it where you had to get things done by a deadline or they gave you some really severe penalties. So they needed me to walk up the street and go right to work.

The first few days I have been pretty much a mule, walking up and down stairs carrying all sorts of things. The elevators are not yet in service and they are working up at the top floors of this place. They seemed to be taking bets on whether or not I would quit since this is really a tough deal to be honest about it. You are sweating all day long and those stairs are a really tough thing after a couple of trips. By the time I get done taking stuff up the stairs it is time for lunch and they send me to fetch that from a sub shop three blocks away. They take bets on me getting the orders right too and just about everything else. I found out they are not good at betting and I made about fifty bucks from that pay day.