What’s so good about the office anyway?

All across the country employees are beginning to ask the same question, “What’s so good about the office anyway?”. It seems that a quiet revolution of sorts is ready to begin when the current crisis comes to an end. Will workers and employees who’ve been happily and successfully working from home for the past nine months or so actually want to return to the office? It is statistically and professionally proven that working from home does not stifle productivity. It doesn’t lower the motivation of staff to do well. Those that work from home are less likely to call in sick as they will be able to soldier on from their beds, or they take some paracetamol and carry on. In part it was due to the stigma. When you said you were working from home it was immediately thought you were taking it easy. However this is not the case as home workers also keep better time and they are more likely to skip breaks and work longer hours as they figure they don’t have to factor in a commute.

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This brings up another factor that working from home raises, it reduces the cost to the environment. Yes we might be using more electricity and gas at home but this is nothing compared to the cost of running a big office on a day to day basis. Not only that, when you consider the huge reduction in the amount of people on the roads and using public transport the need for diesel and petrol has decreased. This also means that there is less emissions from Cars and Vans (although trucks will still run to deliver food) and Rail and Coach travel will lessen. Imagine that. No need for huge air condition units to be on, no need for vast amounts of electrical lights to be in operation. Our homes with double glazing, cavity wall insulation and solar panels are much greener than the office.

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You might still need a decent desk and chair to work from home but you can get one of those from https://www.bestbuy-officechairs.co.uk/office-chairs/next-day-chairs/ who provide Next day office furniture as and when you need it for a great price. However isn’t it great to be around your own posters and decor? It’s nice to be able to get away from all those pieces of corporate art that keep cropping up without your asking or those annoying “inspirational” posters with a tree growing out of a rock like it’s actually achieved something. You also don’t have to drink the terrible tea from the drinks machine or pay the massively overinflated prices for chocolate out the vending machine either.

Whether we will be all forced back into the office remains to be seen but some of us are certainly not going to go down without a fight!