The Problem of Persistent Pigeons

A couple of months ago, I had a bird problem on my property. A large group of pigeons would come to my front lawn and walk around all day long. There wasn’t really anything for them to eat there, but that didn’t stop them from leaving droppings on my property. No one else in the neighborhood was having this problem, which made the situation even more confusing. I tried to scare the birds away with a broom, but they just flew right back on the lawn seconds later. I had to call one of the bird control companies for help.

Finding a company to take care of the birds was pretty easy. All I had to do was look online and I found a reputable company in just a few minutes. I explained my bird problem to the bird control company and they agreed to come to my home and get rid of them. Their plan was to trap all of the ones that were walking around and use a deterrent to keep more from coming back. I laughed at the idea that they would be able to trap all of those birds, but they were serious about the entire matter.

The company was able to trap all of the pigeons just like they said they would. I couldn’t believe they were actually able to pull it off, but I was thankful that they were. They told me that the deterrent they used would prevent the same problem from happening again in the future, but if it did, I could give them a call and they would come back to handle the problem. Finally I can look outside my window and not be cursed with the sight of those gray birds walking around and leaving their disgusting droppings all over the place.