A Change of Pace Proved Valuable

Right out of school, I was looking for a job, I wanted anything that I could get my hands on! I needed a steady work. I could have went with what my major was, which was accounting, but I found that after so many years that I got really tired of doing that. I wanted a quick change of pace. I ended up working for as a corporate secretary.

That doesn’t really seem like much of a stretch from an accountant. It’s all office work, mostly. However, in my need for a job and my friend knowing someone who needed a part-time secretary, I asked about the job. It was for a few months only and was just until they could find someone to hire to replace the current woman who was retiring. I was to be trained, so I could train the new person. I was offered the job after I explained how perfect that was because I had just got out of school for accounting and wasn’t really looking to jump into that yet. To me, the secretary job would be a nice change of pace.

My first day, I met with Mary. She had 2 weeks before she was leaving. I had asked her why did they take so long to get someone and she said she didn’t think any of the people they brought in were good enough to replace her. I had no idea if she was joking or serious, but I found her humorous. She took a real liking to me in the first week we were together. I laughed at her and she told me crazy stories. By the second week, she was trying to convince me to take over her spot. She liked me and said that I would be perfect because we had similar attitudes.

All in all, I did end up taking the job from her and promised her that if I get to hating that job, I’d ask to be moved into accounting. To her, I was a great hire! Thankfully, I am still at the job and still being a secretary to the boss. I honestly couldn’t imagine doing anything else, especially accounting!