There is No Telling when I Will Be Home

In fact living like a gypsy sort of has a few perks, although in this case I might want to hope that the boss does not decide he is mad about it. For about the past thirteen weeks I think that I have been to around nine states, without returning home for longer than three days at a time. The previous personal assistant was a very pretty girl and apparently he had trouble keeping his hands to himself, so he hired me and now I go and look for a brunette escort in Salt Lake county last week.. It was a redhead when we were in Arizona and an Asian girl when we were in Northern California. Apparently he has decided that this is going to be less expensive than a girlfriend or the three women that he divorced us. In fact he woke me up in the middle of the night when we were in San Jose. It seems like the bitter memories of the community property laws in California were more than he could stand.

At any rate the thing that we were supposed to do in Salt Lake City turned into a real disaster and there was not anything that I could do about it. The boss on the other hand was stuck in a hellish meeting watching tens of millions of dollars evaporate right in front of me. When I got back the brunette was in the suite drinking what seemed to be her third or fourth airport bottle of Irish whiskey. She apparently was not used to being stood up and let me have it when I got there. Of course I looked at my watch and realized that she was going to be off of the clock by the time the boss got there, so it seemed like the chance a real man would grab hold of. I told him about it the next day as if I did not care what he thought about it and he laughed, although I am sure he was not happy when I told him that she was sensational.