How the right boiler can boost your shower pressure

Poor water pressure is most noticeable in the shower. If yours is producing a dribble rather than a deluge, the usual solution is to fit a pump in order to boost the flow, but can the type of boiler you have make a difference too?

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Combi boilers

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The vast majority of homes in the UK are heated by gas boilers, and the most common type is the combi – or combination – boiler that generates hot water on demand rather than storing it in a cylinder.

Because of the way combi boilers work, the hot water is delivered at mains pressure, so if you have decent water pressure in your home already, you may find that a combi boiler will give you a good shower without the need for an additional pump.

If you are installing a new combi boiler or getting a specialist company offering boiler service Gloucester has a number, such as When installing one, it’s important that it has the correct flow rate. Ideally this needs to match or be close to the mains flow rate delivered to your home. It’s pointless having a boiler with a flow rate greater than the mains pressure as it won’t operate at its full capacity.

Shower types

You need to take account of the fact that there are different types of shower too. Power showers use an electric pump to boost the water pressure. These can’t be used with combi boilers, but will work with system boilers that have a cylinder for stored hot water.

Electric showers are generally fed by cold water only and heat water using an element rather like a kettle. These can be used with combi boilers and will deliver a reliable water flow at mains pressure.

Finally there are mixer showers which are fed by both hot and cold water and use a thermostatic valve to regulate the water temperature. These can be used with a combi boiler, although once again the flow that you get will be determined by the mains pressure.

If you live in an area where mains water pressure is low, a combi boiler may not be the best solution; you will be better off using a conventional or system boiler so you can boost the flow with a pump.