Is Egyptian Cotton Better?

The age-old question of are Egyptian cotton sheets better? always plays on our minds when trying to select the best bedding for our bedroom. Well the simple answer would be yes. Egyptian cotton sheets are renowned for their high-quality finish that lasts. Treating yourself to a set of luxury Egyptian cotton bed sheets not only gives you a comfortable night’s sleep, but they are an investment too. Typically, you can expect to pay more for Egyptian cotton compared to standard cotton but the benefits by far outweigh the extra cost. Egyptian cotton bedding is known to last much longer and keep its luxurious feel, getting softer with every wash. Standard cheaper cotton and cotton blends are known to pill after time, where small balls of material appear on the surface. This can be quite irritating to the skin and make your bedding less comfortable to sleep on/under. One benefit of Egyptian cotton is that it does not pill, even after years of use and washing.

What Makes Egyptian Cotton Different?

Egyptian cotton is classed as long staple cotton, which means that its raw fibres are typically longer than those of standard cotton. The longer the fibres are means the yarn made can be spun into longer, more continuous, stronger thread allowing for a more durable finished product. Egyptian cotton is as its name suggests grown in Egypt and is found growing along the river Nile delta. Egyptian cotton is still handpicked giving it delicate treatment to avoid damaging the fibres leaving them stronger and more robust for the most luxurious quality, ideal for producing many different products. Egyptian cotton is also renowned for its soft finish and products made from 100% Egyptian cotton will last the test of time and only get better with use. The fibres become softer and more luxurious with each wash and this combined with its robust nature makes it one of the worlds most desired materials for bedding. Not only bedding either, did you know that Oakley sunglasses use 100% Egyptian cotton in the bags they use to house their special glasses, and only that bag is recommended for cleaning them.

What Is Thread Count?

Egyptian cotton comes in a variety of different finishes determined by the thread count. The term thread count refers to how many fibres there are present in a square inch of material. A 200tc would have 200 threads present in a square inch and a 600tc would have 600 threads in a square inch of material. Most Egyptian cotton products will have a thread count of 200 or more, the higher the thread count the more luxurious the product will be. So if you have a bed sheet of 200 thread count and compared it to a bed sheet of 800 thread count you would see that the 800tc sheet has a higher quality and softer finish. When it comes to cost you will also find that the cost goes up with the higher thread counts as they are deemed more luxurious and desirable. A mid to high range thread count is commonly found in some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and our range of 400tc has proven popular with home use customers.