Did you spot the World Cup love hearts?

The World Cup was filled with some serious highs and some devastating lows – but that isn’t all that had fans buzzing about the matches. The global football competition also saw lots of celebrations taking place among the players and other figures, from the French president dabbing with winning players to Cristiano Ronaldo scratching his beard.

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Surely the most popular celebration so far has been the love heart – a simple hand gesture that more than a dozen footballers have made after scoring.

The love heart celebration

One notable player who has been seen making the gesture is Neymar, who celebrated his goal with a quick love heart gesture. Angel Di Maria was seen making the symbol after he scored against France in the last 16 minutes, and later in the same game, Benjamin Pavard did the exact same celebration when he scored for France, crowning them the eventual winners of the game.

The love heart symbol is clearly universal – and lots of other football players are embracing the gesture, too. In fact, dozens of players were seen making the symbol during a particularly tense game in Russia!

Other teams that have also been spotted using the symbol include Morocco, Brazil, Iceland and Colombia. It doesn’t matter where the player is from; they all seem to be embracing the simple gesture of cupping their fingers together to create a heart shape.

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The power of the love heart

It isn’t just Neymar and Angel Di Maria who are using the symbol; other players include Thiago Silva, who made the symbol after the last-16 win against Mexico. Roberto Firmino also made the symbol during the same game after he scored against Mexico. Lots of British players clearly embraced the symbol!

It isn’t hard to see why the love heart symbol is so popular. Despite the fact that the World Cup is fiercely competitive, it is inherently a game of love and pride. England didn’t make it to the World Cup final, but the support and joy seen during the competition was certainly filled with love for our team and love for our country.