Is it ever worth having triple glazing?

Triple glazing is the new buzzword in the world of window installation. It’s widely used in highly developed countries in colder climates such as Norway and Sweden. Increasingly popular in the UK, some naysayers claim that the energy efficiency and impact on heating bills is negligible, whilst others argue that the increase in comfort is well worth the investment. Let’s take a look at whether triple glazing really is worth considering.

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What is triple glazing?

Triple glazing is the natural evolution of window design whereby three layers of glass and two cavities help reduce heat loss and improve comfort in the home. Triple glazing is dependent on excellent fitting in order to be effective and works best in conjunction with high-quality insulation.

Window efficiency is measured by U Values, which are also used to measure the energy performance of doors and walls. Standard single glazing typically has a U Value of at least 5, but when double glazing was first introduced, it had a reduced U Value of around 3. Today’s double glazing is much improved, and quality windows that are double glazed will typically have a U Value of around 1.5, the highest you should expect in a quality modern home. Triple glazing, however, can provide U Values of less than 0.8.

Meeting standards of walls

The main benefit of triple glazing is comfort, as energy costs are not said to be much lower after installation. Walls should have a U Value of less than 0.3, but it’s often the window – even a quality double glazed window – where you may feel the cold coming in the house. A well-fitted triple glazed window will feel much less chilly when you stand nearby.

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Reducing condensation

For those who can’t stand condensation, triple glazing is a godsend because it dramatically reduces any condensation on the inside of your windows.

Whether you decide that double or triple glazing is the answer for you, those looking for a good Dublin windows and doors installer should consider a trusted and experienced firm such as, who offers both types of glazing.

Triple glazing is certainly the window of the future, and with the increasingly worse winters ahead, it could be the best way to keep your home more comfortable throughout the year.