Six trends for 2018 grooms

When walking down the aisle, you want to look your best – and your groom outfit is unlikely to be something everyone has seen before. Here are six trends for 2018 grooms that could give you some inspiration for the big day.

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Blue is the new you

If styled correctly, the blue suit can transform from standard office attire into a stunning wedding outfit. Slip a silk handkerchief into the breast pocket, spruce it up with a bow tie and waistcoat, and you have the perfect wedding classic.

Black tie and bow ties

Think of a jet-black tuxedo. Pair it with some swanky Oxfords, a black bow tie and your lucky cufflinks. You have just created one of the hottest groom trends for the year. Throw yourself into the formality of the black-tie outfit, which will provide something different if you wear a suit every day for work.

Light colours

Try on your three-piece in creams, beiges and other neutral tones – perfect for a summer wedding. Are you struggling to choose between traditional and trendy? Some light has been shone on Prince Harry’s weddings plans and might provide you with some inspiration.

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Bold in burgundy

This colour is the perfect ingredient for creating a bold, modern look for your special day. Make a statement by posing for pictures in a crisp burgundy three-piece suit. This might be a stray away from traditional colours, but menswear specialists such as can help you to find the perfect piece. This is a great look if you are happy to take the spotlight.

Embrace the tweed

Checks and tweed are not usually associated with weddings; however, in reality, this can be the perfect suit for a rustic, countryside wedding or an intimate family affair. Mens designer jackets do not have to be plain or boring, with checks a potential solution. You just have to choose carefully.


If you are holding your wedding in the height of summer or in a country with a warm climate, linen could be the answer. It is lightweight, of course, and also versatile, ready to be worn casually for the reception.

Shop for your wedding day outfit using these pointers as inspiration and you are bound to find something that suits your personal style.